Enterprise Video Conferencing

Enterprise Video Conferencing

  • High safety
  • Exclusive turnkey solution
  • Maximum availability and resilience
  • Unlimited scalability and integration
  • Unique product for telecom operators and IT service providers
TrueConf Enterprise

TrueConf Enterprise is a specialized solution for large companies with numerous employees and geographically distributed branch offices. It offers unlimited video conferencing tools for millions of online users! TrueConf Enterprise is a universal system with a unique configuration created in accordance with client’s specifications. Deploy a private cloud video conferencing system within your organization or provide video conferencing services to your clients.

Easy Scalability with TrueConf Directory

TrueConf Directory creates a single address space which allows users of one server to search for subscribers of other independent servers, view their personal details, add them to address books, run independent video calls or group video conferences, and exchange instant messages in chat.

Trueconf Directory

TrueConf Directory Benefits

Search, add, and call subscribers from external servers

Automatic data synchronization between servers

Top-down management of user access to the directory

Completely autonomous work in closed networks

Server Federation

With TrueConf Enterprise you can easily scale your video conferencing tools to millions of users. By connecting servers into a single system, all subscribers can communicate with each other no matter what server they are registered on and which device they are using.


Resilience and Reliability

Thanks to its unique architecture, TrueConf Enterprise provides 99.99% availability of all system components throughout the enterprise. Full backup of key nodes provides high resilience level and allows you to stay connected in any situation.

License Manager

License Manager

This add-on automatically distributes licenses between multiple servers based on the video conferencing usage and individual set of parameters for each TrueConf Server instance.

TrueConf License Manager Benefits

Support for the unlimited number of TrueConf instances

Add more TrueConf instances without the need to buy separate licenses

Automatic license balancing

Save money by paying only for those licenses which are being used

Automatic Load Balancing

Thanks to shared license pool, you can optimize your VPN workload and boost video conferencing by adding edge instances to network users in every remote location.

Trueconf Load Balancing
Trueconf Quick Operator Support

Premium Technical Support

Creating a large Unified Communications network is a very important and time-consuming process. That is why we offer an exclusive premium support package to TrueConf Enterprise users. Our experts will help you fully deploy and configure the system and will come to the rescue even in the most difficult situations.

Monitoring And Admin Roles

You can assign your domain network users to monitor TrueConf Server thanks to new admin roles: with full or restricted access. Admins with restricted access can track actions on the server and monitor the security of video conferencing network.

Trueconf Security Admin

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