Video Call Recording

Video conference recording feature is available for all the TrueConf users. This feature allows users to record their own image and sound while not in conference, as well as to record point-to-point or group video conference sessions with multiple participants. Upon that, the same layout of the participants’ video windows will be displayed on the record, as it was arranged during the conference itself.

When It May Be Useful?
In the interviews: HR manager can record the process of the interview with the candidate, and then give that record to the company’s executive who will look through the video and then will judge the professional and personal qualities of a potential employee. If the interview is conducted directly by the chief executive, he may later show the record to his colleagues.
In distance learning: Students can record a teacher’s video lecture to use the material obtained for further education.
During business negotiations: Business partners can record video conference dedicated to the release of a new product, and then transfer the record to the employees for a more detailed study.
In court: In this case, the video may be used as an additional proof of the judicial process objectivity.

How to record a video conference in the client application TrueConf?

In the client application TrueConf, you can record your own video and audio outside the conference, you can record a certain member of the conference or all members. The features are available in all types of video conferencing. You can store the recorded file on your PC in the *mkv video format or share it with your friends via email.

How to record a video conference on the server side?

The TrueConf server administrator can enable permanent recording mode. That is, all video conferences conducted on the videoconferencing server will be automatically recorded and saved in the specified folder on the administrator computer. To enable permanent recording, the administrator should check the box “Record all conferences” on the configurator toolbar and choose the destination folder for recorded files.