TrueConf Videobar

TrueConf Videobar

TrueConf Videobar is a simple all-in-one device with built-in camera and microphones designed for huddle rooms for up to six people.

Integrate with Room Systems

TrueConf Videobar 010

TrueConf Videobar

TrueConf Videobar 015

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All-in-one, plug-and-play

Bring TrueConf meetings to huddle rooms with an all-in-one device that’s easy for anyone to install and set up. Mounted above or below the monitor, TrueConf Videobar plugs into your meeting room display via HDMI and provides a clean conferencing experience, reducing cable clutter.


Premium audio and video

With expansive 94.8° field of view and powerful 4K sensor, TrueConf Videobar captures every person in the room and provides superb video quality, while the built-in microphone array ensures that everyone in the meeting can be clearly heard.

Bring your own meeting

Built with TrueConf users in mind, TrueConf Videobar delivers the ultimate FullHD meeting experience and provides all conferencing modes and features you know and love.

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content sharing

Simple content sharing

TrueConf brings fast and easy content sharing to any online meeting. Simply connect any device with an HDMI-compatible output to start sharing and use a meeting room monitor to view your content.

Simplicity and control

Say goodbye to the cable jungle on your meeting room table! Manage video meetings from the convenience of your desk with a simple Bluetooth remote control.

Remote Control