Network Capabilities

TrueConf Solutions Network Capabilities
› work over one port;
› no need for a direct IP address;
› work in local networks of any configuration;
› support for satellite network channels;
› scalable video coding support.


Adaptive Jitter Buffer
When transmitting data the information is received unevenly. Still, video and audio streams require uniform flow.

To provide uniform stream, jitter buffer that stores data is used in the client application. The more data is accumulated in the buffer, the longer is the delay during video calls and group video conferencing.

To minimize the delay and provide uniform stream, we use adaptive jitter buffer, which monitors the unevenness level: it’s increased and decreased by performance, thus adapting to the changes in the data transmission process.


Dynamic Bit-rate Adjustment
Dynamic bit-rate adjustment is required to ensure smooth video transmission and effective utilization of networks channels capabilities by TrueConf system. Channel width depends on different factors. When the amount of data transferred extends the network capabilities, data can be accumulated on the server, which leads to delay in communication.

When the server detects the data excess, it gives a command to change the bit-rate to adapt to the network channel capabilities. If the band gets reduced, the client application increases the frames compression ratio respectively. For bit-rate adjustment TrueConf solutions use implement audio coding with variable bit-rate, which allows to transfer smaller amount of data when the speaker keeps silence.


UDP Hole Punching
In TrueConf solutions we use TCP and UDP client-server connection. Use of UDP hole punching technology for NAT traversal allows to reduce audio and video transmission delay, as the data is transmitted not to the server, but directly between two client applications.

Recovery in Case of Short-time Bond Opening
In case of a short-time bond opening the system tries to restore the connection, so that users do not need to re-connect to the conference.