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TrueConf Room is PC Solution to equip huddle rooms with 4K video conferencing capabilities. With TrueConf Room you can choose your own hardware and transform any area, from small huddle room to large-scale boardroom, into a video conferencing room — with just a simple PC. The solution is extremely easy to deploy, use, scale and manage!

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Have existing conference room systems?

Connect TrueConf Room to TrueConf Server, our premises based video collaboration system! TrueConf Server lets you join your video meetings from your existing (SIP or H.323) conference room systems, such as Cisco, Poly, Avaya, etc. Additionally, TrueConf Server provides native integration with your corporate business resources, e.g. Active Directory or telephony.

TrueConf Room Server

On-Premises or in the Cloud

TrueConf Room
TrueConf Devices

Choose Your Own Devices

Controls. Bring your own device: use any smartphone or tablet to control TrueConf Room.

Display. Any monitor, TV screen, or projector that can connect to the computer that is running TrueConf Room.

Video. For video capture, use a webcam or a PTZ camera of your choice.

Audio. Use any mic, speakerphone, conferencing system or external speakers connected to 3.5mm and USB ports of your room PC. Our recommendation is to use Phoenix Audio Smart Spider.

Use QR Codes to Control Your Meetings

Designed for huddle rooms, TrueConf Room seeks to simplify the process of joining video meetings with BYOD approach. With TrueConf, you can instantly access control panel and start your video meeting with one QR code scan. Use your smartphone or tablet to gain full control over your video meeting!

TrueConf QR Control
TrueConf Video Layouts

Smart Video Layouts

TrueConf Room lets you choose the video layout to be displayed on the screen in your meeting room — right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Select one of the existing video layouts, or create a new one by dragging video windows in your own order.

Authentication, Authorization, and Security

TrueConf Room admins can set a convenient option for users and guests to get started with TrueConf Room, including PIN, user password or unprotected login. Secure authorization modes are used to prevent users from making unnecessary network, audio and video setting changes on the TrueConf Room control panel.

TrueConf Authentication

Easy Content Sharing

Connect any smartphone or laptop to your TrueConf Room conference and wirelessly share any content with meeting attendees.

TrueConf Content Sharing

TrueConf Room Overview

TrueCont Group policy

Administrator Mode

Based on your account, TrueConf Room provides different access rights: admin mode and user mode. Administrators gain full access to TrueConf Room control panel: they can change system and network settings, choose audio and video devices, etc. With user access you can enjoy 4K video conferencing without the risk of undermining the system capabilities.

Please note that admin mode is a paid feature available in TrueConf Room PRO version only.

TrueConf Room API

Using TrueConf Room API, you can create your own control interfaces for interactive kiosks, self-service systems and ATMs, which won’t require third-party video conferencing development

TrueConf API


TrueConf Room PRO is a premium version of TrueConf Room that offers additional customization features for your meetings, such as:

  • Different access rights for users and administrators
  • Choose UI elements to be displayed on the main screen
  • Upload your corporate logo to be displayed on the main screen
    Change video layout skins
  • Remove “TrueConf Room Free” caption from the main screen.
  • Start with a 21-day trial of TrueConf Room PRO! Learn how to activate it in our article.


You should try TrueConf Room if you are organizing or participating in video conferences in meeting rooms, as the application can be used to display conference participants on large screens. It also enables users to create and run conferences from their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices by scanning a QR code or following a link.

Download TrueConf Room and sign in with your TrueConf Server or TrueConf Online user account.

No, TrueConf Room is an application designed to run video conferences in meeting rooms. If you are looking for ready-to-use room kits, take a look at TrueConf Group or TrueConf Videobar.

We can provide you a 21-day trial of TrueConf Room PRO. 

After purchasing TrueConf Room PRO you will be able to update your solution to a minor version for free. If you’d like to update your TrueConf Room PRO to a major version, you will need to buy any paid TrueConf technical support package. You can learn more about available technical support packages here.

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