TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server
Self-Hosted Video Conferencing

  • 4K video conferencing and scalable SVC architecture
  • 100% on-premises video conferencing software for Windows and Linux
  • Cross-platform native apps for all major platforms
  • Easy to set up and control

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TrueConf Privacy

Privacy and security

Offline operation in LAN/VPN, encryption and complete control over your communications.

TrueConf Enterprise


Turnkey enterprise-class solution embraced by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.

TrueConf total-interoperability

Total interoperability

TrueConf natively works with the tools you like to enable one click to join from any platform or device.

Trueconf 4k Video

Award-winning 4K video conferencing

Get your team together and run 4K video conferences with up to 1,000 participants.

Team Messagin

Team messaging and collaboration

Exchange messages in personal and group chats, collaborate on shared files and documents with screen sharing, polling and recording.

SVC Based Architecture

SVC-based architecture

Low infrastructure requirements, high-quality meetings and stable operation on any device.

All of your team’s communications - in one place

All-in-one unified communications solution structured around video meetings and team messaging that seamlessly integrates with your IT and video conferencing infrastructure.

  • Client apps for all major platforms
  • Video conferencing and collaboration tools
  • Team messaging and file sharing
  • Address book and presence statuses
  • Use on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Integration with room systems and VoIP
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TrueConf Server

You are in control

Imagine being able to control all your corporate communications and store them on your own servers. With TrueConf, you don’t have to share your corporate data with cloud services or anyone else. Run the entire meeting platform on-premises and inside your network.

Secure and compliant

ISO Certified

No internet connection required

By deploying TrueConf Server in your company’s network, you gain complete control over your communications without the need for an Internet connection. On top of that, we guarantee complete interoperability with all modern VPN encryption solutions.

TrueConf Server

Supported Operating Systems


TrueConf Server Network Scheme

TCS Scheme

100% Security and data privacy

Deploys on-premises or to private cloud for full control of data

Protection without compromising on must-have features and smooth, fast experience

AES-256 bit encryption

Enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities

Integrate with Room Systems

Integrates with room systems and video devices

You can dial into TrueConf meetings or call out any third-party, standards-based audio or video device via SIP or H.323.

Unlimited Phone Calls

Connect TrueConf Server to your enterprise PBX, VoIP or PSTN providers for calls with the help of SIP/H.323 integration. Enable users to enjoy the full audio conferencing experience powered by your existing phone system.

Unlimited phone Calls
TrueConf Enterprise

Scalable solution built for IT teams

A single point of managing your video conferencing infrastructure:

  • Intuitive IT management dashboards & tools
  • Real-time monitoring, statuses and alerts
  • Network, CPU and licenses usage reports
  • Add, delete and configure users, or integrate with Active Directory for easy user management
  • Different admin roles

Single Sign On

Integrate TrueConf Server with Active Directory to centralize user account management and restrict access rights to your corporate information.

Single Sign On

Server Federation

With TrueConf Enterprise you can easily scale your video conferencing tools to millions of users. By connecting servers into a single system, all subscribers can communicate with each other no matter what server they are registered on and which device they are using.


Resilience and Reliability

Thanks to its unique architecture, TrueConf Enterprise provides 99.99% availability of all system components throughout the enterprise. Full backup of key nodes provides high resilience level and allows you to stay connected in any situation.


Enable your team with secure video collaboration!