Working in a Private Network

TrueConf Server is a secure solution that allows you to conduct video conferences in a corporate (private) network without an Internet connection.

How to Setup TrueConf Server?
Management and configuration of the server should be performed by your system administrator:

→ Starting and terminating the work of your system’s software server;
→ Distribution of client applications for video conferencing among users;
→ Configuring ports and IP addresses;
→ Registration of users, editing and deleting profiles;
→ The creation of group video conferences in any mode, event planning and sheduling;
→ Inspection of all connections within the local network.

The Advantages of Working in a Private Network

→ Full independence, local infrastructure.
→ Server maintenance is performed by your system administrator.
→ Users do not depend on an Internet connection, low speed or various viruses that can be “caught” in the public network.
→ Rapid detection and troubleshooting within the local network. For example, in case of disconnection of the SIP, the administrator can promptly solve this problem with minimal loss to the organization.
→ Reliable security thanks to the encryption of media streams via SSL. As you know, the SSL protocol prevents the interception and falsification during the exchange of audio and textual data through data authentication process.
→ Highest level of security through the use of AES-256 encryption. Recommended for use in government, state agencies and many other organizations that require full security and privacy. This solves the problems such as traffic interception and unauthorized access to the equipment.
→ Users of the private TrueConf server can seamlessly connect with users of other TrueConf enterprise servers by connecting TrueConf Directory.The data on all the users will be placed in the Global directory, which is formed through the merger of LDAP servers in a single system.